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Because of the variety in causes and symptoms, our professional and skilled Vets team is here for the accurate and in time diagnosis.  Please call 0-2712-8231, 0-2392-0291, 0-2392-4360

 Surgery :

For a complete health service, surgery is equipped as needed. We offer all kinds of surgery; e.g., fix, spay, etc. (For more information, call 0-2392-0291, 0-2392-4360, 0-2712-8231)

 Dentistry :

Cats and dogs build plague and tartar on their teeth just like we do. All Cats and dogs should have an annual dental exam where the veterinarian examines the teeth and gums and looks for oral problems. They also need routine dental cleaning. The frequency of this procedure is based on dental health.

Signs and symptoms of poor oral health;

- Persistent bad breath

- Sensitivity around the mouth

- Pawing at the mouth

- Loss of appetite

- Plague (often not visible unless stained)

- Bleeding, inflamed, or receded gums

- Tartar (creamy-brown, hard material)

- Loose or missing teeth

- Difficulty in eating and chewing food

We offer Ultrasonic Scaling, Polishing, Preventive Maintenance, Extractions, etc. (Call for more information 0-2392-0291, 0-2392-4360, 0-2712-8231)

Cats and Dogs with proper dental care
can live longer and healthier lives!

 Ophthalmology :

Our hospital is one of its kinds in Bangkok with all the equipment. We can provide all cares of ophthalmic procedures by experienced Ophthalmologists. (Call for more information 0-2392-0291, 0-2392-4360, 0-2712-8231)

 Vaccination :

For the best of your Cats and Dogs and also for your own safety, a complete and consistent vaccination is required.

DA2L (Distemper) FVRCP (Distemper)
CPV (Parvovirus) Rabies
Bordetell (Kennel Cough) Leukemia

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